Monday, June 16, 2008


Here is my all-time favorite easy-recipe! I LOVE pasta and this turns out good every time!

Alfredo Pasta
1/4 cup butter
1/2 package of cream cheese
2 teaspoons garlic
1 cup milk
grated Parmesan

So start by melting the butter in a frying pan, then add the cream cheese. Let this melt while stirring
it with a fork. Keep doing this until it's all melted and the cream cheese and butter are smooth and well blended. Add the garlic then slowly add the milk, a little at a time. I usually add 1/4 of a cup at a time and wait till it's stirred in before adding more. Then add as much Parmesan as you want! I usually add half a cup but I like mine realllly cheesy. And I suggest you do the same. Then dish out your noodles and add as much (or little) of the sauce to it as you want. It'soooooooo good.

Also. Wash out the pan with the sauce soon. Hannah has had experience of cleaning out a pan with week-old Alfredo remnants. For the record, it was my mess she was cleaning.

I'd post a pretty pasta photo, but alfredo doesnt really look pretty. So enjoy these photos of my kitchen! It's like a home now! with an empty spice rack and everything!


Anna said...

p.s. always use fresh grated parm. ALWAYS.

Hannah said...

oooh so professional looking!! i am going to have to make a professional looking post for meeee!! :D

Evan Tickles Palmer said...

its nice to know that you're at least covered in any sort of paprika/red pepper related emergency. But i guess the rack itself is more imprtant. Now all you need is flower print curtains and kitty knick-knacks everywhere.