Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Sometimes cooking days are just what you need!

Anna and I had a cooking day yesterday in which we made lentil soup, sushi and some blackberry pie. Here are the pictures to prove it: it was fun, cheap and exhausting. I enjoyed it a lot!

Everything turned out great! We eat some sushi, and lentil soup for a late lunch while we let the pie cool. I am now addicted to eating the pie, and really want to much them more often, they're relatively easy and fun to create.

Twas Anna's first time making sushi, and it was darn good! Smoked salmon, fake crab and tuna salad make for some yummy stuff to eat! And making the ingredients isn't really that laboursome, it only sounds that why when you try and explain it.

The soup took the longest to cook, I've never cooked with lentils before, them and the potatos we put into the soup were the culprits for why it took so long to finished. And now, some pictures as proof!

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