Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Scrambled Eggs done right

Now that I'm jobless, I've gotten in the habit of eating brunch instead of breakfast and lunch. It feels so nice to relax and read or work in the morning and then leisurely make a large breakfast/brunch. Usually I eat over easy eggs on toast and have been making fried potatoes to go alone with it. And coffee of course. And orange juice. If I had some strawberries or other fruit I'd be eating that too.

BUT this post isn't about over-easy eggs and their runny goodness. It's about scrambled eggs. For the past few years-basically ever since I fell in love with runny yolky eggs-I've considered scrambled eggs for kids. Really though, it's because it's so hard to find good scrambled eggs! This includes when I make them for myself, often too scrambled, too flat and brown and at times even crunchy. uhg.

Smitten Kitchen is basically my all-time favorite food blog. I've adapted more than one of her recipes. I stumbled upon a post she made about scrambled eggs and found out she had the same problems with people overcooking scrambled eggs. She listed how she cooks her eggs with detailed photos to boot. You'd think (at least I did) that scrambled eggs would be the easiest most fool proof way of cooking eggs, but yesterday I made eggs the way she suggested it and it made SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE!

They were so fluffy and light and wonderful! Best scrambled eggs I've ever had! I was also lucky that I had some leftover goat cheese from a pizza I made last week and was able to make some goat cheese toast to go with it. WONDERFUL!

Check out how to make these life changing eggs HERE!

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SCRuskin said...

Half an eggshell of milk per egg is a pretty classic rule of thumb, but I often add FAR FAR too much milk (intentionally, of course), and then let them cook longer to sweat the moisture out. The result is scrambled eggs even so fluffy that if they got any lighter, you'd be eating an egg-flavored cloud.

They're very light and almost a pinch sweet — great with maple syrup, if you're into that sort of thing.

A pinch of salt is key, too. Always.