Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I just made my second latte from home ever. Thus proving I never have to leave the apartment. Ever. I can get all the necessities living home alone! Food! Tasty espresso delicacies! Human interaction!

Well. Not that. I haven't seen a human face in two days.

Anyways, all you need are the right tools for your own wonderful caffeinated experience. I got an espresso maker for christmas a few years ago in hopes that it'd cut down the money I spend on going out. Sadly, the milk frother that came with it was a pain in the butt and worked really poorly (not to mention was obscenely loud). I never bothered in buying a separate milk frother since then (I was too concerned that it wouldn't work) and have used my espresso maker in making americanos when I really needed to stay awake.

Then I got this baby for christmas.

So now I can make lattes that taste as fresh and I wouldn't know a difference between the ones I make and the ones I used to buy. It is a little more laborious. But the-small amount of- work that goes into making it makes it taste all the better. I'd recommend anyone who likes going out for coffee to invest in some tools to make it from home.

Soon I will invite people over and make lattes for them and become the most popular kid on the block.
The End.

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